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Choose a home builder to build a new home to match your dreams. Builders are listed by city and state for your convenience. Use the map below to start your search. Custom home builders are also listed by state and city. At the state pages you'll have the option of viewing listings by home builder or by community types.

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Home Builders Across America

Finding the right home builder may take a little research. And, it's well worth the time. Each builder tends to build one or more styles of homes. Some offer homes in a specific price range while others build homes in a wide price range like SeaScape Homes in Seattle.

Quality is always an issue. You want to get value for your investment. And, quality is measured in a number of ways. State and local housing codes establish minimum standards for home builders. Some builders simply meet the basic standards while others exceed them. You get what you pay for so ask about construction methods and standards set by the home builder.

Once you find a home builder in your style and price range, it is a good idea to check them out with the local Board of Contractors. See if they get complaints and how they handle them if they do. Have a home inspector look at the homes under construction and render an opinion about how the homes are built.

The builders listed here are anxious to show you their products and services. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you make informed decisions about one of the biggest investments you make during your lifetime. Ask if they offer energy saving options like solar and additional insulation. So ask all the questions you have. Be informed.

Custom Home Builders

Should you want more home than is offered in area new home communities, one might consider a custom home. Builders who specialize in custom homes are not ususally limited to a specific area or planned community. Often you can locate a lot in the area of your choice and have a custom home built to your specifications, taste and budget. Custom home builders are also required to meet local housing standards and have the construction approved by inspectors at various stages of completion.

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Choose a new or custom home builder using the provided maps. You can also find financing options in your area using the mortgage loan map.


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