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Living on the water can be paradise. Scenic views can be spectacular if your beach home is on the ocean, a lake, river or any waterway. Beach properties are always in demand and the supply is limited so values tend to remain higher than similar lots away from the water.

Choosing A Builder

Experience matters when you are choosing a custom home builder for your beach property. Foundation issues, erosion, corrosion and water damage to housing materials are exaggerated when building a home on waterfront properties. Find a builder that understands the additional requirements and can show you completed projects. References from customers currently living in beach homes may give you the best insight to builder reputations.

Docks, Slips & Boat Houses

The ultimate way to experience beach-house living is to provide addition access to water activities - boating, swimming, fishing and more. A dock may provide a place to tie up a boat, access for swimming or a nice place to sit in a lounge chair and read. Boat slips can enhance the options for securing a boat on a temporary basis. For additional security and protection from the elements, a boat house might be considered for permanent boat storage. When choosing a builder for these options, check the builders credentials and experience before contracting for the project.





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