Modular Homes.
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Some Builders Offer Modular Homes.

These residential houses are constructed of modules which are prefabricated. The assembly-line approach to creating the modules allows for reduced construction cost. Move-in times are accelerated and quality control is often more closely monitored.

Many modules are designed for flexibility allowing the purchaser to custom design the home to include the amenities and features desired. Often the buyer is given the option to purchase standard modules or order the modules per their specifications. Either way, the modules are erected and completed on site to create lower-cost home.

Modular Log Cabins

Log cabins are prime candidates for modular construction, particularly if the cabin will be constructed in a remote area. Fewer raw materials and man hours are required at the construction site, thus expediting build time and helping to lower cost. Log cabins create a warm home!





Modular Homes.