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Often referred to as 'tract homes', new home communities are offered for sale by one or more approved builders within a specified development. These developments may or may not include common areas like parks, lakes picnic areas and other family-friendly community enhancements.

Typically, builders offer an assortment of models ranging in size and number of rooms to meet a variety of family requirements. Additional choices are offered in various elevations, or design treatments to lend individuality to each home. Also offered are a variety of amenities which may include fireplaces, pools, extra landscaping, room expansions and many others.

Often visiting several home builders in the area you wish to build is an excellent investment of time. You may find options you had not considered or find special pricing. Research the builders to define their reputation and customer service policies. Also research mortgage lenders to provide mortgage loans.

After visiting home builders in new home communities, check out the list of custom builders and compare the value of a custom-built home.





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